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Our mission is to eliminate infant suffocation in cribs. We are so honored and thankful to be able to contribute to the health and safety of thousands of children.

When our son was young his head flattened out in the back and we had to get him a corrective helmet to round it back out. That process cost months of heartache and over $2,000. When our daughter was born we didn’t want the same thing to happen to her. After finding all of the head shaping pillows on the market wanting in one way or another, we decided to make our own head shaping pillow.

Baby Love Was Born

When we began selling the Baby Love Memory Foam Head Shaping Pillow on Amazon, it was a great success! People loved the pillow and it became a best seller. People began asking if the pillow was breathable and if it would fit a newborn. The answer to both questions was no. We wanted to make sure that our business constantly strives for what is best for children, best for parents and overall best for society. So, we began working on Breathe-Thru™ Head Shaping Pillows. One sized for a newborn (0-3 Months) and one sized for an infant (3-6 Months) to correctly support the shape of the baby’s head as it grows.

How the Breathe-Thru™ Sleep System Was Born

As I was working on the design of the new pillows, I was struck with the concept that parents are told to remove all suffocation hazards from the crib and bassinet but the mattress itself is still a suffocation hazard! One night I sat bolt upright in bed “What if we made it so the MATTRESS wasn’t a suffocation hazard?!??!” I had this idea of a frame covered by mesh that provided 360 degrees of air surrounding the baby. I was so excited! Then I did patent research and found out it has been made in the UK since the ‘90s.

I was crushed.

But as you know this story has a happy ending 😊. The patent for the exact idea I had expired in 2016 and is now available for anyone to use!! As we were working on the initial Crib product development it became clear that we were missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Our babies slept in bassinets before they slept in cribs and that early newborn stage is when heads are most malleable. We need to also remove the suffocation hazard form the bassinet! However, the concept of a metal frame just didn’t hold up very well for an ovular bassinet. But the answer was simple and elegant. Three Dimensional (3D) completely breathable fabric exists that is perfect for a bassinet mattress. With this last piece of the puzzle we set off to make the sleep system a reality.

Introducing The Parent Company

We decided that Baby Love was too limiting. That we are not just providing product for children but peace of mind for the parents. We also believe that as time progresses we will be able to provide for other needs along the developmental path to help parents protect and grow their children in the best way possible.

Making The Breathe-Thru Sleep System A Reality

We decided to tackle design and production of the Breathe-Thru™ Pillows first since that is our current business. Both the Newborn and Infant Breathe-Thru™ pillows are ready for sale.  The designs for the bassinet mattress and cover are complete and production should start in November 2017. The prototypes for the Crib mattress will be unveiled at the 2017 ABC Kids Expo in October of 2017 with production beginning in November 2017. Our goal is to have the full sleep system available at the beginning of 2018.

Our mission is to eliminate Infant suffocation in cribs. We are so honored and thankful to be able to contribute to the health and safety of thousands of children. We donate a portion of all proceeds to help expand the ABC’s of Sleep education programs around the country.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us make this a reality

The Dixon Family




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